Happy New Year!

In 2012 I watched a very important person in my life enter the world. In late 2014, my world turned around when I watched another very important person leave it. Here is a picture of one leaving flowers for the other; George’s dearest ‘Nanny’. Her flowers are still bright and full. Fittingly, her final resting place sees her surrounded by children, which as unfair and heartbreaking as it is, she will be pleased that she is sleeping among young angels who need a guiding hand – alongside her younger brother who she now rests with.

2014 has finished in the most difficult circumstances but the challenge is looking forward to 2015 with renewed optimism. Whilst I still have many regrets about not appreciating what I had when mam was here, it would be dishonourable to wallow in negativity. In any case, I have now realised what – and who – the most important things and people are in my life. I will now focus on those whilst I can, knowing that life is too short and unpredictable to do anything else. In remembrance, I want to continue to make my mam as proud from heaven as I did when she was here on earth. work hard to avoid painful regrets in the future, and look after all she cared for down here – all with a smile on my face.
So, with that in mind, I wish you all the best, family and friends. Here’s to another year, and I hope you fill it as exactly how you wish. Happy New Year!

(Mam, Adam Lambert and Queen will be on the telly for NYE, and I will think of you exactly how should have been when they are on, sat in your room singing along with a bottle of wine, waiting in anticipation for the phone call at midnight from me.) x


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